Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy National Conference

7th Edition
Resilience and Trauma
16-17 June 2022
Online Exclusively

Vicarious trauma and resilience among practitioners

PhD. Lect. Radu Șoflău & Psych. Lia Ecaterina Oltean

Babeș-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca

Stressful and traumatic events are common. While prevalence rates of psychiatric disorders associated with them is relatively low, these events are frequently associated with other difficulties, including emotional or behavioral problems. Thus, practitioners often work with people who report traumatic experiences and severe stressors, even when they do not explicitly deliver interventions for trauma and stress-related disorders. Considering these, practitioners are facing two major challenges. First, delivering interventions to the population struggling with stressful and traumatic events is challenging by itself: practitioners have to both identify suitable strategies and optimize the treatment plan. Tremendous efforts have been taken to overcome this well-known challenge. However, practitioners are also facing another challenge, which has received far less attention: their indirect trauma exposure, which may be associated with adverse consequences under certain circumstances, and mobilizing resilience factors that may buffer against them.

Building on these, in this workshop we will address a number of theoretical issues relevant to exploring practitioners’ own experiences when facing this latter challenge and recognizing its potential impact. We will also learn a number of strategies to prevent and alleviate potential negative consequences of indirect exposure to trauma. Moreover, we will learn strategies aimed at increasing resilience. Finally, we will explore both potential obstacles that may occur and useful ways to overcome these obstacles. Thus, the workshop will have important practical implications.

Practitioners, students, and trainees, as well as other people who are interested in exploring and developing the skills needed in order to manage the impact of indirect exposure to trauma and increase resilience are welcome to join the workshop.

Radu Șoflău


Esther Deblinger


Amy Chisholm


Steve A. Johnson

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Anke Ehlers

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Ruth Malkinson


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Lia Oltean


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This Event was organized with the support of the Cluj-Napoca Local Council and its Office for Social and Medical Care