Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy National Conference

7th Edition
Resilience and Trauma
16-17 June 2022
Online Exclusively

Dear colleagues,

The Association of Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapy in Romania (APCCR) announces the organization of the National Conference “Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy” which will take place between June 16-17, 2022. The conference will take place this year completely online.

The theme of this year’s conference is Trauma and Resilience. We aim to provide an opportunity to discover the latest developments in scientific practice and research in the field of trauma, the psychological consequences of facing threatening events and mourning, in the current context of the conflict in Ukraine. Given the major impact that the war in Ukraine has on all levels, including the mental health of the population left within the borders, of refugees but also of Romanians who are now facing a new crisis situation after the COVID-19 pandemic, we consider that the widespread dissemination of cognitive-behavioral therapies based on scientific evidence has become a necessity. The aim of the conference is to disseminate new information supported by scientific data in the field of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy among practitioners and thus have a significant impact on the mental health of those who access these services.

The participation in the conference is credited by the Romanian College of Psychologists for psychologists with the right of free practice.

We would like to thank you all in advance for attending the conference and please stay connected with us until we meet online on June 16-17, 2022.

Prof. Daniel David, PhD.

Radu Șoflău


Esther Deblinger


Amy Chisholm


Steve A. Johnson

preconference Workshop

Anke Ehlers

Keynote / Workshop

Ruth Malkinson


Andrada Neacșiu


Daniel David


Lia Oltean


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This Event was organized with the support of the Cluj-Napoca Local Council and its Office for Social and Medical Care